The First Three Months of Bloody Marketing!!

As we stand here at what could be the start of your new, epic marketing journey, you might be wondering about some specifics.


What lies in store?

What can you expect in the first few months of working with the mad marketing goons at Bloody Marketing?

What the hell are you getting yourself into?


All valid questions, and ones which we are happy to answer.


Here’s a breakdown of what to expect when you become a client of Bloody Marketing…

Month One


To kick things off, you’ll have a big meeting with your new marketing managers, in which we gather all the juicy details about your business to create your Value Proposition, a big document we use to properly market your business.

We review and change this over time, and you’ll of course have input to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Then we’ll be creating you an entirely new website. We can start from scratch, or we can work with some of your current stuff, whichever works best. Either way, your business will receive a total makeover, the kind that will have your ideal customers swooning.

You’ll have plenty of chances to give thoughts and request changes as we go through the creation of this site. By the end of the month, we should be ready to go live with all the bells (and whistles too!)

We’ll also be making sure that all of your social media channels are ready to go. This involves us getting access to your accounts, but don’t worry, we guide you through this process to make it as pain-free and secure as possible. Once we’re in the driver’s seat, we’ll commence ‘beautification’, updating your bios, headers, images, info, and more!

We’ll create any literature that we need for specific products or services, ready to design some nice collateral. Our copywriter may have a few questions here if we need a hand.

Meanwhile, our videographer will come along with some fancy equipment and a can-do attitude to create your business showcase video. Oh, and whilst we’re there, we’ll also get enough social media video content for the next two months, AND we’ll get some testimonial videos shot on the same day.

We aim to book this in a few weeks once we’ve got the foundations rolling, as by then we completely understand the best way to communicate your message. And don’t worry, we like to make our video process nice and easy for you, it’s all interviews that you won’t have to plan for.

Finally, we’ll be working hard on preparing some funnel campaigns for a myriad of different goals, the first of which is increasing your Google My Business reviews.

And that’s the whirlwind that is month one. Roll on month two!

3 Months Marketing Plan Bloody Marketing!!

Month Two

Month two will start off with an update from your marketing manager. They’ll confirm that we’re on track and answer any questions you have, along with letting you know what the next weeks and months will look like.  

By this point, we’ll be creating blogs every other week, and sharing them across your new website and social media. And heck, we can even create you a regular newsletter on LinkedIn. Why not?

We’ll be releasing social media posts every single day, and carefully tracking what works and what doesn’t. At the same time, we’ll be making all sorts of noise on Google My Business. 

We’ll have completed your very own bespoke Local Hero Funnel with full email integration and a custom animation, designed to take traffic and turn it directly into enquiries right in your inbox. ‘Sales on steroids’, I believe one of our clients called it…  

Speaking of quick wins, we’ll also start running our “are you still…?” campaign to scoop up any lingering leads you may have.

Though your new website will be built by this point, don’t think we get to take it easy now. We’ll be consistently adding new information and location specific landing pages, along with ongoing improvements to existing pages. We’ll also be working our butts off on the SEO front – pretty boring for us, but for you in the long term, the results are very exciting. 

We’ll be starting to get your backlinks up and running too. Local directories and industry specific directories to start with, then some more specific things as we go on. You may already have some of these, but we’ll check them all!  

Finally, we’ll be reaching out to your ideal customers directly over LinkedIn. We’ll send out 100 connection requests every week on your behalf to create a network of your target demographic. This includes messages introducing yourself, following up and inviting them to hop into your new sales funnel. 

Which brings us neatly up to month three. Blimey, doesn’t time fly! 

3 Months Marketing Plan Bloody Marketing!!

Month Three

Oh yes, month three, by which time we are truly rocking and rolling! Your marketing foundations are all in place – website, video, social media, GMB, literature and designs. But honestly, we are just getting started.

There’s so much ongoing work that goes on here to give your business a never-ending supply of juice and thereby constantly improve your marketing. 

You’ll receive a monthly update, looking back at what we’ve done, but more importantly, looking at what’s coming next! We’ll keep on top of things, but we also invite you to give us the inside scoop on anything that’s going on in your business, along with anything that’s going on in your industry. You’re the experts, after all!

Every quarter we’ll fully revise your marketing plan and choose the direction we’re going to take. You’ll be fully clued in to major changes, and we’ll be working on other campaigns, tweaking and improving the existing ones as we go. It’s at this point you may start seeing some meaty results, usually through some of the turbo-charged work we’ve done in the previous two months (especially LinkedIn and the website).

But just remember, marketing is a long term investment for your business. Rome wasn’t built in a day, n’ all that. By playing the long-game, your business will have an iron-clad marketing machine that consistently generates new leads and enquiries. And trust us, once the machine is turned on, it’s bloody hard to turn it off!

3 Months Marketing Plan Bloody Marketing!!

So, want to chat? First, a little housekeeping.

Don’t be fooled by our boisterous bravado – it’s just a marketing persona. Delve deeper and you’ll find a highly professional and focused business, backed up by a team of marketers at the top of their game, fully committed to your success

We work hard to deliver results for our clients, and we take pride in our achievements.



We only deal with serious SMEs.

We want gamechangers, people who will invest in their future - no pretenders looking for a quick win. If you want that, hire a telesales person. Real, results driven marketing is a long-term investment, but the rewards are there for all to see.

Please, no tyre kickers! Only ass kickers need contact us. 😊

3 Months Marketing Plan Bloody Marketing!!

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