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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bloody Marketing saved me
September 23, 2021
By Mark Ketting

So a few months back I had a mild addiction to hiring freelancers on Fiverr. It was innocent first, just a bit of copywriting here, some social media stuff there. But then it got out of hand. Most of the work being done was pretty terrible so I would hire another freelancer to replace the work of others. On and on it went. My marketing was going nowhere but i could not resists buying work at £5 an hour.

Anyway I thought about going to a therapist, but instead someone recommended i check out Bloody Marketing. Well all i can say is i am no longer addicted to freelancers, and my marketing has never been better. Thank you Bloody Marketing.

True story.

Disclaimer: Not a true story. Fake review. Please don’t sue.
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In a world where 93% of consumers check online reviews before making a purchase, the importance of showing your most positive customer feedback can’t be overstated. It’s a no brainer, really: the more 5 star reviews you have, the more convinced potential customers will be of the superiority of your service.

Problem is, the majority of customers will not go out of their way to leave a review (unless they either REALLY hate you or REALLY love you). The solution to this is 5 star review funnels.

5 star review funnels are basically an automated way for you to get a higher number of positive reviews. They work by identifying your happiest customers, and then inviting them to leave a review. A good review funnel will not only generate more 5 star reviews, but it will also catch the negative ones before they go public (not that they’ll be any negative ones 😊).

We set these up across a number of platforms – but primarily on Google My Business and Trustpilot. As a result, your brand will enjoy a more widespread and positive reputation, leading to increased traffic and more enquiries – all included in the Bloody Marketing Unlimited Package.

Reach for the stars!

 5 Star Review


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Star Review!

The number of stars shows how much a product or experience was appreciated or disapproved by the reviewer. An organised, realistic strategy you may use to increase the number of reviews is a 5 star review funnel. A product’s quality is only one aspect of what reviews reveal. Additionally, they reveal consumer opinions of your business and services. Your satisfaction with a good or service is demonstrated with a 5 star review. Customers will appreciate it, and it plays an important part in attracting customers to your business. A 5 star review funnel can help you make sure that every single consumer leaves you a positive review without having to ask them to do so. More exposure on review sites like Google as a result

When it comes to increasing sales, these 5 star review funnel are the most valuable. They have the greatest influence on customers because they are written by real customers who have used your product or service. Many people consider the number of stars a business has, so if you have a low star rating, you may be losing potential clients. Your goal should always be to get as many 5 star reviews as possible. For any business, a rating of 5 star review is outstanding. Getting a 5 star review or 4.5 star review from your customers can make a huge difference in any business. 5 star reviews are powerful testimonials that increase credibility, trustworthiness, and conversion rates. 

 5 Star Review Funnel, and so much more. Welcome to Bloody Marketing! 


All part of the package!



If you’re looking for 5 Star Review funnels, then we can give you 5 Star Review funnels. But why have a slice of cake when you could have the whole cake?

At Bloody Marketing, we do all your marketing – because we can, and because it’s way more cost-efficient for you. For a small monthly fee you get everything you’ll ever need, with a fully-fledged strategy specific to your business and your goals. 

We can’t wait for the  5 star reviews to come flowing in!

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