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About Us Bloody Marketing!!
About Us Bloody Marketing!!

Bloody Marketing was formed after years of hearing business owners proclaim in frustration “Marketing just doesn’t work for me!”. What these business owners don’t realise is that their marketing isn’t working because they’ve skipped over some key fundamentals, and have been unable to deliver key areas of their marketing to ensure success.

We believe that Marketing is a boring, repetitive process that’s driven by a solid plan and consistent hard work. Our marketing system is based on the V-COP™ formulaic marketing plan, a proven technique for developing, growing and improving marketing for SMEs.

Our mission is to provide access to affordable, high quality marketing to EVERY SME in the UK. Our streamlined processes allow us to offer end to end, hassle free marketing for an amazing price.

Put simply, we do Marketing that actually works!

Our team has combined experience of working with some of the best-known names in the world including Sony, RAC, Diageo, Orange, MI5 & the BBC.  They’ve been contracted to consult on social media for the 2019 General election and developed content for the Times Square New Year’s Eve Show.
About Us Bloody Marketing!!

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About Us Bloody Marketing!!

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