About Us

Every website has an About Us page, and you know what?

They’re mostly complete BS!

About Us Bloody Marketing!!
About Us Bloody Marketing!!
About Us Bloody Marketing!!
About Us Bloody Marketing!!
About Us Bloody Marketing!!
About Us Bloody Marketing!!

Some Reviews

These aren’t reviews for Bloody Marketing!! They’re reviews for Other Marketing Companies.


I found them rude and obnoxious. They had done little or no research on my company and when I dared to question their attitude he told me he didn’t need my money.

If a customer tells you to drop the attitude you would be wise not to become agressive



Total lack of respect and horrendous customer service when dealing with clients.



Very Poor Experience from this company. As they use outsourced company in USA – phone the number, they are in Utah!

Lot’s of promises: “We can increase your business 7 fold”. I paid £6K, they processed payment immediately. They allocated a ‘mentor’ who was their selected expert – the contract was to speak to him for 12 hours – 1 hour a week. I searched on mentors name. Found lots of complaints about him. Found him offering the same services for $15 an hour!


Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot you guys do… Looks expensive.

No it’s not, it’s half the price of what it would cost you to hire a marketing assistant – and it’s 4 times as effective!

Do you work with my existing marketing people?

We can do – if they’re up to it! In our experience, it works better when we handle everything.

I’m not sure I need all you have to offer…

Yes you do. Trust us. Winning marketing is all about putting the basics in place and repetition, not dabbling here and there with the latest fad.

WHAT is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

African or European swallow?


We’re often brutally honest – no BS marketing speak here!

6 + 13 =

OK, let's have that chat...

...and see if you can help turn my marketing problems into results.

When was the last time we shouted "Bloody Thank You"!!

About Us Bloody Marketing!!

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