Founded in 2019 by two Sales & Marketing veterans, Bloody Marketing is for business owners looking for a hassle-free, affordable way to get their marketing sorted. 


Based in Nottingham, we take pride in supporting businesses local to us. But as it turns out, people say “Bloody Marketing!!” in more places than just Nottingham. So we also work further afield, nationwide, including with businesses in London. Fancy!

As for our ethos, we believe that marketing is a gritty, repetitive process that’s driven by a solid plan, creative flare and consistent hard work. Our marketing system is based on the V-COP™ formulaic marketing blueprint – a proven system for building you a rock and roll strategy from the ground up, featuring all the bells and whistles necessary to knock your bloody socks off. 

Mind you, beneath our ‘bloody this’ and ‘bloody that’ bravado is a highly professional and focused business, backed up by a team marketers at the top of their game. We love what we do and we love getting you the results you need. 

And we must be doing something right, because here we are three years later with a bigger office, a bigger team and an ever-growing portfolio of retained clients (some have been with us since the very start!). We’re always on the search for new and exciting projects…

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