How many times recently have you felt like shouting…

About Bloody Marketing!!

How many times have you said that? How frustrating, how bloody annoying is it that the money and resources you keep pouring into marketing isn’t working?

You’ve hired marketing people. You’ve used freelancers. You had that web developer. That agency. None of it worked.

“Bloody marketing!!”

We hear you.

No more pain. We will solve your marketing problems.


Bloody Marketing!! is a Nottingham-based marketing agency with a highly skilled, experienced team of content creators, web developers, social media experts, videographers, graphic designers, copywriters, SEO and PPC experts. Our whole team will work on your business and ease your marketing pain.


How does it work? We will have an exploratory marketing session with you, then discuss planning and objectives. We’ll get to know your business. We’ll get to understand your drivers and your pain points. We will understand your strengths. We will get to know your team. We will get to understand how you stand out against your competitors. We’ll take this knowledge, add in our specialist marketing expertise, fully take on your marketing and get results. Guaranteed.


Founded in 2019 by Russell Allcock and Dan Davison, Bloody Marketing!! came about as a result of years of seeing SMEs struggle with ineffective marketing solutions.


Russell Allcock (PHOTO IN HERE)

Author of the book Future Proof (Your Business), Russ is one of the leading authorities on sales funnel automation for bricks and mortar businesses in the UK today.

He’s worked for, consulted with, and sold services to some of the best-known brands in the UK including Sony, Vodafone, RAC, BBC, The Children’s Society, O2, Diageo and Orange.

He lives in Nottingham with his wife Lisa, and their five children.

Oh, and he constantly tells us he’s always wanted a Jack Russell dog named Stumpy…


Dan Davison (PHOTO IN HERE)

Dan Davison is a talented, experienced videographer who excels at communicating your message.

He has worked in video production for over 10 years across a number of creative sectors. Dan has worked with major media agencies including the BBC and had his work displayed in Times Square, New York. Dan has also worked on film and TV productions as an editor and a visual effects artist.


Bloody Marketing!! guarantees to be more productive. Our specialists will all work on your business. And we will do this at half the price. How? You won’t have any overheads (space, equipment, consumables etc), no holiday, national insurance or sick pay. Factoring this in, our packages come in at around half the cost of a typical salary for each position.


We guarantee to deliver results. If we don’t deliver a 100% return on your investment, we’ll work for free until we do. We have Marketing Assistant, Marketing Manager and Marketing Director packages to suit different needs.


We take your bloody marketing problems and turn them into bloody good results.

“Bloody marketing!!” Solved.

Contact Russ on 0115 677 1979 or at Let’s have that chat. Let’s see how we can help.


So you’ve hired a marketing assistant

Great – if you, or someone in your business, is able to train, motivate and manage them. And get them to perform at a consistent level. It doesn’t always work out though; their skillset isn’t strong enough to meet all the needs of your business.


And, you’ve hired a Freelancer

This can work out if you have a very specific requirement and you’re able to find the right person and brief them effectively. But what happens when your freelancer only has one specific skillset, and can’t commit fully to your business?

So… why not outsource your entire marketing department?

The perfect solution. You don’t need to train, motivate, manage or worry. You will benefit from our skilled, experienced marketing team – all experts in their fields. We will commit, and fully run your whole marketing department – reducing your stress and pain – allowing you to focus on your busi-ness.

Why people are turning to Bloody Marketing!!

About Bloody Marketing!!

“I remember just about losing it watching him just sit there fiddling with his mobile – all in the name of bloody social media!”

Ian Essex

German Automotive

About Bloody Marketing!!

“I was told that to make our shiny new website work properly, I would now need ongoing SEO. ‘But you said it would be SEO optimised during the build?’ I asked. ‘That’s different SEO, I don’t do the ongoing sort…’”

Stuart Williams


About Bloody Marketing!!

“Every time we met, it cost me more money. Not only was I paying them to tell me things weren’t working, I was constantly being asked to pay more to find out what (over time!?!) they thought would work.”

Laurence Childs


Let’s Get Started

We’ll stop you feeling like shouting

About Bloody Marketing!!
About Bloody Marketing!!

OK, let's have that chat...

...and see if you can help turn my marketing problems into results.

When was the last time we shouted "Bloody Thank You"!!

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