Google Ads. So simple, right? Just bid on some keywords, pay for the ads, slap em’ right at the top of Google, and watch the clicks roll in.


“As a matter of fact,” says the Annoying Marketing Nerd. “There’s a bit more to it than that.”

Christ, here we go.

“The Google Ads network, you see, is very much akin to a dragon. Great and powerful, capable of setting your brand ablaze, and primed to send it soaring to the heavens – but first, it must be correctly tamed.”

I’m really sorry about this.

“Have you conducted sufficient keyword research? Have you correctly configured your search network and display options? Have you incorporated negative keywords? Are you tracking conversions? Are you testing bidding strategies? Are you accounting for regional trends? These things, and much more, must be done – lest you waste all of your hard-earned coin on ill-conceived tripe.”

The worst thing about the Annoying Marketing Nerd is that he is absolutely right.

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Certainly, Google Ads and other Pay Per Click (PPC) solutions can be a very effective – even essential – component of your marketing strategy. The ROI is potentially great, and they’re one of the best ways of guaranteeing an increase in traffic to your website.

Equally, PPC can be a huge waste of time and money. There’s a lot of mistakes that can be made when setting up a Google Ads campaign which may ultimately deal a crippling blow to your marketing budget.


We’ll build your Google Ad campaigns from the ground up, complete with keyword research, network configurations, conversion tracking, and all the other fidgety stuff that any sane person would rightfully avoid.

Point is, you won’t need to concern yourself with the irritating, time-consuming intricacies of PPC. We’re going to do it all for you, and as a result, you’ll be equipped with a cost-efficient campaign of traffic-generating, conversion-boosting adwords.

Bloody Marketing is a team of (hopefully not so annoying) marketing nerds, handling all of your PPC campaigns and everything else – all included in the Bloody Marketing Unlimited Package.

Leave it to the nerds

All part of the package!



If you’re looking for Adwords & PPC, then we can give you Adwords & PPC. But why have a slice of cake when you could have the whole cake?

At Bloody Marketing, we do all your marketing – because we can, and because it’s way more cost-efficient for you. For a small monthly fee you get everything you’ll ever need, with a fully-fledged strategy specific to your business and your goals.

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