Option One: Employ a Marketing Assistant

This option is great if you, or someone else in your business, has the ability and experience to train, manage, motivate and properly target this individual to perform at an acceptable output.

You’ve hired a Marketing Assistant, LISA

Lisa trained in Social Media and is taken on straight from college as your company’s first marketing assistant.


Although Lisa excels at Social Media, the first task she is given is to manage your ageing Website – Lisa’s neither a website designer nor copywriter.


Next Lisa is asked to produce and send a newsletter – she’s neither a graphics designer nor direct marketer.


Then Lisa is asked to send out a few brochures to prospective clients and follow them up – she’s neither an admin assistant nor salesperson.


Your Social media has gotten better though, but you may not have noticed as Lisa is spending her time trying to do all the other stuff, she isn’t yet skilled at… Sound familiar?



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Option - Marketing Assistant Bloody Marketing!!

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