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Our SEO process!! For scaling our clients’ SEO

There's a load of content out there on SEO - guides, articles, courses, videos, scams, people yelling about it on online forums, etc... Most of it, however, is super impractical. If you want SEO results, you'll need to do a lot of digging to figure out what's...

Blog Bloody Marketing!!

Value Proposition – Finding the Holy Grail of Business

Stop!  Before you cross the Bridge of Death you must answer me these questions three...   Ask us the questions, Bridge Keeper. We are not afraid.  WHAT... is your name?    Our name is Bloody Marketing!! of Nottingham.   WHAT... is your quest?  To seek the Holy Grail...

Blog Bloody Marketing!!

Marketing Doesn’t Work

So, you think that marketing doesn’t work? And hey, that’s fine. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Buuut I’ve got a job to do here: to convince you otherwise. So I’m going to need you to go ahead and look at my next GIF. Marketing DOES work. Marketing DOES work....

Blog Bloody Marketing!!

Marketing Is NOT Sexy – Here’s Why 

The story   We step into the office of Maximillian Montague, marketing tycoon. He’s sitting, legs crossed, slightly reclined, in his Eames Aluminium Group Management Chair, the leather as black as his greased-back hair. He’s facing away from us, staring out of his...

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The Valley Of Death

You're about to experience a story about you. That's right, we've written a story about your experiences. About you and your business, and about some of the struggles and tests you've met along the way. As with all good stories, let's start at the beginning!  ...

Blog Bloody Marketing!!

Bloody Networking!!

Bloody Networking!! Ok, you’re in a big room casting an eye around. It said 8 am for 8.30 am but being the -kind-of-person-you-are, you got their bang on 8. There were only two other people there then. And you were stressing a bit about how much you’ve got on back at...