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Fancy reading the unhinged nonsense that goes into our bloody marketing?

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The Bear and the Wolf

On a high rock in a cold land, a bear and a wolf came to meet.  Both were great generals of their respective kin. The...

Starting a LinkedIn Newsletter

“Start a LinkedIn newsletter,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. This is our first week of LinkedIn...

Super Bowl Your Business!!

Super Bowl Sunday is when America is at its most, well, American.  Sports! Beer! Celebrities! Chips! Parties! -- but...

The Way of the Champions

If you have little or no interest in winter sports, then I can only apologise for this article. But I promise there is...


We appear to be on the verge of a war with Russia, so I thought hey, let’s make lemonade and do a fun little piece...

To a Haggis [To a Business]

It’s Burns Night, so here’s an old Scottish poem: To a business Only, poetry is hard to understand even at the best of...

An Ode to January

The first week back after the Christmas holidays. Famously a terrible time of the year, when the work-related blues...

The Rules of the Race

Imagine that you are in pole position, minutes from seeing the chequered flag and claiming the top prize.  And then...



Alright alright, this is for the more serious stuff – info, guides, sales stuff, SEO pages.. We’re on our best behaviour!

The Valley Of Death

You're about to experience a story about you. That's right, we've written a story about your experiences. About you...

Bloody Networking!!

Network Marketing | Bloody Networking!! Ok, you’re in a big room casting an eye around. It said 8 am for 8.30 am but...

Blog Bloody Marketing!!
Blog Bloody Marketing!!
Blog Bloody Marketing!!
Blog Bloody Marketing!!

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