If you’re here, it’s because you want the rewards of owning your own business and see franchising as a great way to do it. If not, then there’s nothing to see here… please move along. 😊

Still here? Great!

Let’s get into it.


You will be at the very forefront of the Bloody Marketing!! Franchise journey. We have the plans in place and now want help to pre-test everything before a full launch. 

We’re looking for four partners to form an initial team.

A band of brothers all working together to grow each other’s business.

The rewards for being part of this team will be the opportunity to earn your own Bloody Marketing!! franchise (worth £25,000) for FREE, AND earn shares in the actual Franchisor business – plus a V8 Ford Mustang, but that’s another story… 

Founding Partners Bloody Marketing!!


You’ll be the boss of your very own Bloody Marketing!! Branded Marketing Agency – but you won’t need to do any of the client work. That’s what we do. 

You will find your clients using our tried and tested “Black Box” lead generation system. Then, you’ll simply account manage them, to keep the revenue rolling in. 

Founding Partners Bloody Marketing!!

We will provide both team and one-to-one support. Full, ongoing training will also be established once we know what will be needed. This is one of the key areas we want to develop during this pre-test.   


We bill the client monthly in advance for our services. You will receive a sizable share in all revenue billed:  

  • 10 Clients would give you an income of over £50,000 p.a. 
  • 20 Clients would give you an income of over £100,000 p.a. 
  • 25 Clients would give you an income of over £130,000 p.a. 


Right – how could we forget? Indeed, this isn’t your average remuneration package. Reach that 20-client mark, and you’ll also receive a branded, fully expensed, V8 Ford Mustang (or the electric version if preferred – but really??). 

Founding Partners Bloody Marketing!!


To be clear, we aren’t looking for marketeers. We do all the marketing. This is a sales process and account management opportunity – marketeers need not apply. 

We’re looking for 4 confident self-starters with excellent sales and account management experience, who possess the grit and ambition needed to help us drive our business forward. 

Your qualifications are not that important to us, but your experience is. We are looking for people that have already been in a consultative environment and are comfortable sitting around a client’s boardroom table, as this is where you will be spending most of your time. 


  • Above all, you are a confident communicator, with exceptional listening skills and a clear understanding of what makes people buy 
  • You have a relaxed attitude to the inevitable “No”, and work tenaciously through opportunities 
  • You have a solid understanding of pipeline management and the sales cycle 
  • You are a strong self-starter, organised, highly motivated to achieve targets and able to assimilate information quickly 
  • Previous experience in selling aligned services will put you at a distinct advantage! 
  • Ok, some marketing experience may also help… 
Founding Partners Bloody Marketing!!


Don’t be fooled by our boisterous bravado – it’s just a marketing persona. Delve deeper and you’ll find a highly professional and focused, sales-driven business. Fully backed up by marketing rock stars at the top of their game. We work hard to deliver results for our clients, and take pride in our achievements. 

As a founding partner, you’ll be focusing 100% on sales and account managing. We’re grafters by nature, and expect the same from our partners, hence the amazing rewards for your hard work and commitment (anyone mention a V8 Mustang?)  

We’ll look after you and do everything within our power to make things work. You will be welcomed into the Bloody Marketing!! family with open arms. 

It’s not all serious, and there will be lots of laughs on the journey – but what we won’t tolerate is donuts in the car park with your Mustang… (well, maybe just a few 😊) 

Together, we can build something HUGE and reap the rewards. Let’s get started, shall we? 


Just get in touch with Russell Allcock (Founder of Bloody Marketing!!). Russ will arrange to meet you for an informal chat over a cup of tea (how very British) and see if we are a good fit. If so, we can take things from there. 


Russ’s direct contact details are: 

Mobile: 07901 711004 


Founding Partners Bloody Marketing!!


Russ’s contact details are: 

Mobile: 07901 711004 


What will I be selling exactly? 

You will be introducing SMEs to our fully managed, fully outsourced, local marketing solution. 

For a single fixed monthly fee, we become their entire marketing department. We plan, create and execute all the marketing they will ever need. 

We call this the “Bloody Marketing!! Unlimited Package”. 

Sounds good, can you tell me more? 

Yes, it’s an outsourced, cost-effective, local marketing solution unlike anything in the marketplace today. 

Our team will create Websites, videos, graphics, copywriting, social media, PR, and everything in between. The client gets access to it all for just one low-cost, fixed monthly fee. Everything is then handled and managed entirely by our team of expert marketing professionals.  

Why is this so special? 

What truly sets us apart is our proprietary V-COP Blueprint. 

Essentially, it’s a recipe for success. 

We take a strategic, logical, formulaic approach to our client marketing. Then back it up with consistent results. 

Ok, but what will it actually do for a real client? 

It generates tangible results, enabling them to finally prosper, thrive and dominate in their local area. It’s basically local marketing on STEROIDS! 

Who is an ideal customer? 

A Professional Services business turning over £250k+ pa and primarily selling in their local area. We have a list of over 80 ideal business types, with thousands of candidates in each partner’s area – you’re only looking for 20 to create you a six-figure income. 

Founding Partners Bloody Marketing!!

How will I find them? 

We’ve developed a lead generation system that works, and it works well. We know this because we use it ourselves to generate enquiries every month. You can also do it your own way, of course. Who knows, you may already have some existing relationships you can bring along for the ride… 

What’s my involvement in the process? 

You commit to find, convert and account manage the client – we commit to delivering all the marketing. You’ll lead them through the whole sales process, then manage the relationship between them and our in-house delivery team. This will mean being the client’s first point of contact and carrying out bi-monthly account review meetings, all designed to keep the client coming back for more, and the monthly revenues rolling in. 

How do I earn out of it all? 

Revenue Share. You will earn a percentage of the monthly fee we charge each customer. We bill the client monthly, so will pay you monthly. 

What will my targets be? 

We expect you to close at least 2 new customers a month until an average of 20 existing customers is reached. Then it’s all about replacing any that leave. 

That’s it. 

No complicated matrix or model designed to punish you for a poor month or reprimand you if you lose customers. 

*By the way, we believe that 4 sales a month are more than achievable. 


Let’s do this! Russ’s contact details are: 

Mobile: 07901 711004 


Founding Partners Bloody Marketing!!

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