How it 


In a nutshell, we develop a long-term marketing strategy for your business and then provide all the creative work to make it sing. 

Exactly how it works will depend on your business. We work with you to outline a strategy around the unique nature, requirements and goals of your enterprise, and then we get to work. There’s a massive list of what goes into our bloody marketing – far too much to get into here. 

But to give you a rough idea, we’d like to tell you about the V-COP™️ Marketing Formula. That’s right, we have our very own acronym. It stands for Value Proposition, Communication, Optimisation, Promotion. This is the step-by-step marketing blueprint we use to build a robust, rock n’ roll marketing strategy from the ground up. It can be applied to any business. Here’s what each of those steps involve.

 1. Value Proposition 

This is the get-to-know-you phase where we learn everything there is to know about your business. With that information, we create your Value Proposition, a.k.a your Marketing Bible. 

Written by our copywriter, your Value Proposition will be a mega document that basically talks about how awesome you are. It clearly outlines what you’re selling, who you’re selling to, and how you should sell it. This lays the groundwork for what’s to come. 

 2. Communication 

The next step is all about communicating that Value Proposition. This is when things get really exciting.

There’s a ton of tangible outputs here, including a new website with all the bells and whistles, that showcase your business in a new and glorious light. 


 3. Optimisation 

This is the black magic part of your marketing strategy. Now we’ve made you look good, it’s about working the system to make sure people see how good you look.

There’s a lot of under the hood work we do here that takes a lot of time, effort and brains, but the results are astounding. 


  • SEO
  • Landing page development
  • Automated outreach & follow up
  • Sales & marketing funnels
  • R&D recurring improvements

 4. Promotion 

This is where your marketing really takes off. With everything firmly in place, we unleash your business on the world with a host of outbound campaigns, meticulously planned to bring it all home.

Ongoing, unlimited marketing, designed and delivered by professionals, kicking your business into overdrive. That’s Bloody Marketing!!  

 What about payment? 

Payment wise, it’s a fixed monthly fee. We’ll invoice you a month at a time, and in exchange we will become your entire marketing department doing all of the above, and more. 

A long-term commitment on your part is implied, not enforced; you can call it quits any time you want (all we ask is that you give us 30 days notice). 

 Any Questions? 

We’re happy to answer them. If you’d like any more information about how all this works, please get in touch!  

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