MTG Case Study

Based in Nottingham, MTG Solutions is an accredited supplier of solar panels, EV charging, and other energy efficient solutions.

Their market-leading products help households and businesses alike to reduce their energy bills and to cut their carbon footprint.

The Challenge

MTG had been dabbling with some marketing work. They’d had a website built, some business cards designed, and a few other bits and bobs in an attempt to develop the brand. The result was that they had a big pile of stuff, but not a great deal of marketing substance. 


And as time went on, the cracks began to deepen. The website was broken and pretty much devoid of SEO, and the guys who made it were offering very little support. Moreover, despite the other assets that had been created, there was no cohesive marketing plan. 


Eventually, the company’s MD Matt Guest got so fed up with the lack of actions that he decided to reach out to us on LinkedIn. 

MTG Case Study Bloody Marketing!!
MTG Case Study Bloody Marketing!!

The Solution

First came the excitement; we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a solar panel provider, as we know how valuable they are in the big fight for a more sustainable planet. Once we’d settled ourselves down, it was time to get to work. 

The first big thing we did for MTG was rescue their website, which involved making it actually work properly as well as giving it a visual makeover.

However, making them look good was only a small piece of the puzzle. The next thing was SEO, which we pretty much had to build from the ground up. Keywords, load speed times, interlinks, backlinks, search-friendly headings, optimised content… all the good stuff. 

Meanwhile, our videographer was putting together some professional footage of solar panel installations that would sit nicely in the background of the homepage. And then he made a showcase video, AND an animated explainer for solar panels. We also got Matt to feel comfortable in front of the camera and record personal messages for prospective customers. Overkill or what?

With all this in place, it was time to begin outreach. We jazzed up MTG’s social media profiles, with daily posts and outreach messages on LinkedIn on Matt’s behalf to his ideal customers. We also got an adwords campaign going which was linked with a tailored sales funnel. Then it was simply a case of doing more: more content, more landing pages, more videos, more outreach…

The Result

More customers. Coupled with the rising popularity of solar panels, the work done on MTG’s website and social media started to garner them a lot of attention, with the landing pages generating a steady stream of enquiries.  


The adwords campaign enjoyed a particular amount of success. In fact, it was TOO successful. Matt actually requested that we turn it off at one stage, as he was receiving too many enquiries for him to feasibly handle!

MTG Case Study Bloody Marketing!!

Equally successful was the LinkedIn outreach, which led to MTG landing a £120k deal on a solar panel installation.   


Recently we applied for MTG to feature on a BT Street Hubs interactive digital kiosk. The application was successful, so we’ve got MTG ads appearing on various billboards around Nottingham!


So to summarise, MTG, with their fancy website and solar panels and big deals are now, well, a BIG deal.

MTG Case Study Bloody Marketing!!
MTG Case Study Bloody Marketing!!

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