What kind of PR are we talking here?

Personal Record? Power Rangers? Proofreading? Punk Rock? Puerto Rico? Pokemon Ranger? Project Revolution? Papa Roach??

“No, idiot. Public Relations.” – My boss

Guess we’re talking about Public Relations, then – the most boring (but admittedly the most applicable to a marketing strategy) of all the PRs.


PR and Marketing

A common talking point with regards to PR and marketing is the differences between them. Since one is primarily focused on reputation management, while the other is all about promotion and advertising, they are technically two different things.

    But viewing it in this way is unnecessarily rigid, and ultimately unproductive. Because in today’s wild digital landscape, fronted by the colossal influence of social media platforms, the lines between PR and marketing have become irreversibly blurred. Put simply, you cannot do one without doing the other.

    And when you think about it, the end goals of PR and marketing are exactly the same: make people love your company, and thus sell more of your stuff.

    PR Bloody Marketing!!

    Bloody PR Marketing!!

    What people say and think about your business is very important – and we intend to take full advantage of that.

    By encouraging journalists, customers, and other third-party influencers to spread positive messages about your business, we can significantly increase awareness of your brand. You’ll enjoy a heightened reputation, and a carefully cultivated ‘buzz’ that can very easily spread like wildfire.

    You and I can talk about your business until the cows come home – but once we get others to do the talking for us… that’s when things really start to take off.

    There are two main elements to our PR strategies:

    • Press releases. Well-written, objective, enticing articles about your business to be distributed by trusted third-parties.
    • Community engagement. Responding to customers, engaging in conversations, and handling any complaints in a consistently professional manner.

    We’ll handle that stuff, and more, as well as the rest of your marketing – all included in the Bloody Marketing Unlimited Package!

    Peace and Relaxation

    Need Marketing? First, a little housekeeping.

    We only deal with serious SMEs. We want gamechangers, people who will invest in their future, no shmucks who want a quick win. If you want a quick win, hire a telesales person. This is a long term investment in your business. No tyre kickers, only ass kickers.