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We appear to be on the verge of a war with Russia, so I thought hey, let’s make lemonade and do a fun little piece about Cold War propaganda. 

But what started out as a happy-go-lucky approach to an email quickly devolved into a self-reflective and existential moment of dread.

For context… have you ever read the homepage of our website?

The marketing landscape is filled with rogues and renegades,’ it boldly declares. ‘With pushers and pretenders. With overpriced sellers of underwhelming results and corner-cutting peddlers of ineffective shite.’

Crickey, I thought. That kind of language wouldn’t be entirely out of place in a Soviet manifesto. 

But wait, it gets worse.

We’ve seen it. We’ve challenged it. We’ve set the whole bloody place on fire.’

Hollyyyyy sh*t. 

Bloody Marketing, it seems, is a national superpower, hellbent on cleansing the land of subpar marketing, frivolously pumping out videos and images and articles, shamelessly promoting its ideals of honest and decent work in a bid to help SMEs enjoy their rightful piece of the pie. 

So as you can understand, the Bloody Marketing office is now in the throes of an identity crisis. Yesterday we were innocently writing blogs and making videos for IT guys and accountants, today we’re sitting here terrified that Secret Agent X is going to break down the doors and shut us down like the Marxist dogs we are. 

What’s the lesson here? Heck if I know. Something about there being a fine line between marketing and propaganda?

In any case, it feels necessary at this point to clarify that Bloody Marketing is NOT, in fact, a proponent of communism. We’re just a marketing company, and we like freedom and stuff. 

Viva Bloody Marketing, viva your business.

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