Sarah Goodman

Sarah Goodman Bloody Marketing!!

Sarah was discovered in the Deepest, Darkest woods in Rural Worcestershire, being raised by a pride of Feral Mountain Lions (explains her talons).  Nobody knows when she was born, as the Mountain Lions wouldn’t divulge that fact, but she is seemingly younger than her two children.

She’s mostly known for her sharp wit (and tongue when cornered (the feral upbringing undoubtedly), especially if you get in her way.

Sarah’s favourite thing about Marketing is meeting people, gaining their trust,  then beating them up for their Chip-Shop money.

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She doesn’t (usually) bite!


talk is cheap
and so is the coffee!

We’re often brutally honest – no BS marketing speak here!

Sarah Goodman Bloody Marketing!!
Sarah Goodman Bloody Marketing!!

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When was the last time we shouted "Bloody Thank You"!!

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