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Seagrave French

Seagrave French Accountants needed a complete rehaul of their marketing. Bloody Marketing helped design an entire new website, video content and revolutionise their online presence. 

Seagrave French Bloody Marketing!!

Seagrave French already had a website, but the website underperformed, and the team were uncomfortable with showing it to prospects. 

We built an entirely new custom site, complete with a blog section, strong Call to Actions and a rubust SEO plan to improve and redevelop the existing site.

Video Sessions

Jason had tried to create video in the past, though had struggled to feel comfortable on camera, and spent a large amount of time putting together clips that he was happy with – at least happy enough to share with the world.

We set up a series of comfortable interviews that were later used to generate video content, making Jason the presenter!

Seagrave French Bloody Marketing!!

A Funnel Fit for a King!

To bring in more enquiries, a large scale, quiz and email based funnel was put in place, allowing visitors to the join a Know, Like and Trust converting machine

A Custom Audience

Jason had a small circle of connections on Linkedin, mostly built out of existing clients and other accountants.

We turned our custom connecting machines on – building a large circle of the perfect client in and around the local area.

Seagrave French Bloody Marketing!!
Seagrave French Bloody Marketing!!

Google Ads Rework

Google themselves had phoned Jason up multiple times to walk him through his Google Ads set up. Over time, his costs had added up, but his results hadn’t really improved – typical really!

We decreased Jason’s budget of £800/pcm down to £400/pcm, and even increased the results!


Seagrave French Bloody Marketing!!

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