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The Best of Epsom and Ewell took the covid-19 lockdown in their stride, offering their Kickstart Package at discounted rates. To get this message out there, they needed a powerful funnel.

TheBestOf Bloody Marketing!!
TheBestOf Bloody Marketing!!

The Best Of Funnels!

Bloody Marketing built a custom funnel landing page for The Best Of Team. Nigel was able to tweak and change the content based on our suggestions and direct prospects to the page.

The funnel was built in a way to enter prospects into one of three offers:

No Bursary

50% Bursary

100% Bursary

This allowed a much wider range of conversions and created an opportunity for up-sell.


You can view the completed landing page here



Video Sessions

Due to lockdown restraints, the team was unable to meet with Nigel in person, so we conducted filming session virtually! 

Nigel was able to comfortably record video at his own pace, and experiment with different wording which was then polished up, edited and subtitled by the Bloody Marketing team.

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