Filming Video With Bloody Marketing

Performing in front of the camera can be a daunting task. All of our video shoots are made to be as comfortable as possible – not only does it make the whole thing more fun, your ideal client can also tell when you’re comfortable on-screen! On this page, we’ve included a few pointers for how your shoot will go. Read at your leisure, and if you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch.


What Happens on the Video Shoot?

When you arrive at our offices, we’ll have a quick chat and a coffee if you’d like, then we’ll dive straight in! Our studio is a nice cosy room with some camera equipment, some lighting and a big background screen. The walls are covered in echo-reducing material to get the best sound quality. There is also an autocue, that will display the words you’ll read on camera. 

We’ll step into the studio, and ask you to put a microphone receiver in your pocket, or attached to your clothes. This connects via a wire and a little microphone will attach to your clothes, just below your neckline. This is the best place for us to capture audio! 

Afterwards, we’ll do a sound check, we will probably ask you to speak and you may need to tap the microphone a few times, just to make sure we’re receiving! Next, we’ll make sure that you can read the autocue fine, and adjust the text size if it’s too small. 

Finally, we’re ready to go! You can stop and start in this recording as little or as often as you like. We film our video sessions in a way where we can edit out any mistakes, and any “uhms” and “errs“, so don’t worry if you need to reread any lines!

We may ask you to repeat certain lines if we feel that they need to be delivered in a different way. Before you know it, we’ll be done! We may ask to repeat a few sections as we often find that people are much more comfortable by the end, but otherwise, leave it to us!

We’ll edit up all the videos, make you look snazzy, and then show all of the clips we’ve recorded ready for you to confirm you’re happy for us to use them in your marketing!


What should I wear?

Wear the clothes your ideal client wants to see you in! If they’re expecting a smart suit and tie, it’s probably best to embrace that. If they’re looking for a polo shirt with an embroided logo, take advantage and get your brand on screen! You’ll also want to consider the following:

  • Is what I’m wearing appropriate for what I’m talking about (the subject matter)?
  • Is what I’m wearing appropriate for who I’m talking to (the audience)?
  • Is it comfortable? Can I move around freely? Do I feel good in it? The last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your collar is crooked or your pants are just a little too tight.

The only thing we do want to request is that you DON’T wear a shirt with a tight detailed repeating pattern. Think things like high contrast pinstripes, herringbone, houndstooth, and fine checks. Digital video can sometimes struggle with stripes on clothing, creating an ugly defect called “moiré“. There’s a big long scientific reason for why this happens, but all you need to know is that it looks bad! Moiré looks kind of like spirally oil that strobes and dances – very distracting! See the shirt below for an example.

Filming Video With Bloody Marketing Bloody Marketing!!

I Don’t Know What to Say!

Don’t worry! There will be two possibilities. Either our team will have written plenty of things for you to say ahead of time, or we will be planning to interview you on camera. In either of these cases – don’t worry! Remember that you’re an expert in your field, and we’ll be asking you questions that you will definitely know the answer to. 

Not only that, we film our video sessions in a way that allows us to cut out any bits that don’t sound right, and edit the whole thing together into a nice congruent message. If you feel awkward in front of the camera, we will be able to hide that. Just enjoy yourself!


Filming Video With Bloody Marketing Bloody Marketing!!

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