The V-COP™ Formulaic Marketing Plan has been developed after 30 years of listening to hard working Accountants frustratingly declare:
“Marketing Just Doesn’t Work For My Business!”
When somebody makes that statement 100% of the time it is because something hasn’t been built or applied correctly.
IMPORTANT: You don’t need ‘left field’, ‘outside of the box’ thinking, delivered by ‘marketing gurus’ to prosper. Most successful Accountants know that to win at marketing, you need to be pragmatic, congruent and overall repetitive in your approach.
The great news is, we’ve documented exactly how to build your Marketing in the right way…
…The V–COP™ Formulaic way!

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The V-COP™ formulaic approach is an extremely resilient and profitable marketing process, based on building strong marketing foundations and then only building up once you have your key areas covered.

It stands for:

V – Value Proposition

C – Communicate

O – Optimise

P – Promote

IMPORTANT: As already mentioned you need to be pragmatic, congruent and overall repetitive in your approach.

For instance, your ideal customers are only really interested in 3 simple things:

  • You understand their pain
  • You can stop it
  • You know how stopping this pain will make them feel

When marketing doesn’t work 100% of the time it is because:

  • Something hasn’t been built correctly
  • The marketing process hasn’t been applied in the right order
  • You haven’t delivered what your ideal customer wants to hear



The Wise Man built his house upon a rock, and when the rain and floods came, the house didn’t fall.

On the other hand, the foolish man built his house on the sand, and when the rain and floods came, it fell – and great was it’s fall!

You’ve likely heard it before at some point, but the key takeaway here is that the Wise Man built his house on strong foundations. Any good business does this too, and the exact same thing applies to Marketing!

Often business owners will dive straight into expensive things like Google AdWords, paying thousands of pounds a month to direct not-ideal customers to a website that doesn’t properly sell. Why would you want to do that? That’s building your house on the sand!
Often a freelancer will approach a business and offer to sell them a single piece of the marketing puzzle. They’ll sell you a website, or a video, or a social media package, they’re building you a house on the sand. Starting with your Value Proposition and getting that right will act as your rock.


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