Hey, good looking. You are wonderful. Divine. Powerful. Hard-working, skilled, a legend to the letter. You’re an inspiration, a revelation. If the world was an oyster, you are its pearl. Your wisdom is otherworldly, your value is beyond measure. Come on you hero, you seer of success. Come on you victor, your conqueror, you champion…


Let’s write you a Value Proposition. 

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What’s a Value Proposition?

A Value Proposition is a big ol’ document that outlines what you do, who you do it for, and why it’s awesome. It lays out, in simple but superb terms, how you solve your ideal customers’ specific problems and bring value to their lives.

It’s really important. Like, really important. Your Value Proposition serves as the foundation for your marketing going forward. It’s a touchstone, a guide, a blueprint; without it, marketing tends to get very messy very quickly.

How does Bloody Marketing do a Value Proposition?


First, we have a meeting with you in which we learn everything there is to know about your business, including the good, the great and the godly

Then our copywriter (hey that’s me) gets off his lazy ass (or rather, stays sitting on his lazy ass) and writes up your Value Proposition.

There are three main sections to your Value Proposition: offering, customer, and the value proposition itself. Let’s briefly cover what each of those entails. 



Nice and easy, this is basically just a breakdown of your core products and services. We rank these based on your goals and priorities, which helps us to shape your marketing messaging moving forward.



This part’s pretty fun: we craft an avatar of your ideal customer. From their age, to their values and beliefs, to the shows they like to watch on Netflix, we establish as much information as possible about the kind of person who you are most likely to sell to.

The reason for doing this is simple: the clearer the picture you have of your ideal customer, the easier it will be to market to them.

 Value Proposition


Now we’ve eaten our vegetables, we can get to the meat. The value proposition section of your Value Proposition includes the following:

  • Features, benefits and outcomes
  • Answers to common objections
  • A one-line explainer
  • A one-paragraph explainer
  • A 60 second elevator pitch

Not only does this all make you feel really good about your business, but it also provides us with all the lexical firepower we need to open fire on your industry and start getting you more enquiries. 

And this is only the beginning of your Bloody Marketing journey!

All part of the package!



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