What We Do Bloody Marketing!!

What Do We Do And How Do We Do it

In a nutshell, we do 3 very simple things – over and over and over (yarn) and over again… But know this –
we play to win!


Phase One – Exposure

“We expose you!” Not to everyone (that takes far too much effort), but to the customers that are actively
looking for what you do. We simply help you say “hey, we do that and here’s why working with us is a really
smart thing to do”. We then make it super easy for them to engage with you – simples.

*If you don’t show you exist, or say why your ideal customers should deal with you, how can you ever expect
your business to progress out of start-up mode?


Phase Two – Optimise

“We leave no stone upturned!” The internet is massive and almost all your ideal customers are using it to
find you. But they aren’t just using good old google. For instance, 21% of them are using Bing (I know,
right!?). They’re even still using the Yellow Pages in the form of its online reincarnation Yell (I bet every one
of us can now tear that in half). In fact, there are over 600 Independent online business directories that
your customers can use to find you, but you need to be on them (I bet your competitors are). There’s also
all the Social Media Platforms your Business could have a presence on. People are also searching for what
you do in an ever-increasing number of keyword phrases. Wherever your ideal customers are looking, we
make it our mission they find you and find you first – period.

*Being fully exposed is awesome, but if most of your ideal customers are finding your competitors first, how
can you ever expect your business to grow?


Phase Three – Promote

“If they won’t come to you, we take you to them!” Your ideal customers know that they need what you do
– but they still may not know it or want it from you yet (lazy, I know). So, you need to keep prodding them
(Ok, punching them in the face) to remind them that they really want it, and why doing it with you is the
smartest thing they can do.

*Customers finding you is fantastic, but if you don’t go looking for them as well, how can you ever expect
your growing business to scale?

Investment Needed

“Invest in us and we’ll guarantee results!” We don’t want you to just chuck money at us with no real
expectation of getting it back. That’s gambling and Russell, our founder, is more than happy to play you at
poker for it instead. We want you to invest the money with us in the expectation of getting more money
back than you put in. To this end we offer a double your money guarantee – sorted!

Our investment structure is simple:

• Single Plan – £395 /month
• Take Two Plans – £695 /month
• All Three – £995 /month

*Chucking money at lots of different freelancers and marketers, all on a wing and prayer, may just be the
very definition of madness!

Marketing Planning Sessions
“We leave no one behind!” A marketing plan could be the smartest thing you create for your business, but
then working that plan IS the best thing you can do if you want to reach the next level. So, each month
we’ll run face to face Marketing Meetings to keep you on track, review results and plan how to manage
your growth – fair enough?

On their own, our Marketing Planning Sessions are £295 + vat. However, all our plan clients get 1 session a
month free of charge.

*Creating a winning marketing plan and then doing nothing with it, is like owning a really nice car but never
driving it, what’s the point?

What We Do Bloody Marketing!!

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