Google My Business

Let’s face it. When it comes to the acquisition of information, we’ve all become pretty bloody impatient.

We expect to have the answers to our questions in, like, two seconds – tops. Forget the fact that the signal literally has to travel to space and back first. If we have to wait a bit longer, or work a bit harder, to find what we’re looking for, we’re pissed.

As a business with any sort of online presence, the last thing you want happening is losing a potential new customer because they couldn’t find your phone number. It may sound fickle – but customers have been lost for less.

The easy solution to this is Google My Business.

Google My Business with Bloody Marketing!!

As you may or may not know, Google My Business is basically a listing of your business’s key information, including contact details, directions, reviews, images, and more. When someone Googles your business, it’ll all be there at the top of the page, giving them immediate access to you without even having to go to your website.

Not only does this create convenience for new and existing customers, but it can also do wonders for your business’s SEO.

When we Google My (Your) Business, we can use it to:

  • Control, index, and display your most important business information
  • Point users in the direction of your website and your social channels
  • Display your best customer reviews 
  • Cultivate a stronger online presence and reputation
  • Display your best photos and videos, including those from customers
  • Gather insights as to how customers are finding your site

As a result, your business will be more findable, more user-friendly, and more inviting of new enquiries. Nice!

By the way, you can whip up a Google My Business yourself – it’s free, and not that complicated.

Buuut if you let us do it, we’ll make sure that your listing is fully optimised (there is a lot of difference between a well-done and a badly-done Google My Business). Plus, we’ll continue to make sure that it’s being leveraged for maximum effect.

And it’s all included in the Bloody Marketing Unlimited Package.

Appease the Google Gods

Need Marketing? First, a little housekeeping.

We only deal with serious SMEs. We want gamechangers, people who will invest in their future, no shmucks who want a quick win. If you want a quick win, hire a telesales person. This is a long term investment in your business. No tyre kickers, only ass kickers.