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It looks like we’re turning up the heat on this whole “marketing” malarky and doing some actual marketing for ourselves. This is coming in the form of a campaign called ‘All part of the package’, which involves a series of weird, wacky and – I wish I could say wonderful, but honestly that is far too generous of a term, so let’s go with… – wailing adverts highlighting the various services offered by Bloody Marketing.

Now, the thing to understand about this campaign is that it was conceived with the noblest of intentions. That is, to market Bloody Marketing. But as you would perhaps expect from a bunch of weirdos who are given far too much liberty in their work, what has so far been created has been… well, perplexing.

One of the adverts features an orange. But not just any orange. As it transpires, there is an entire universe inside this orange. And could it be that one of the planets inside the orange is, in fact, the orange itself?

There is a Netflix-style documentary trailer revealing the troubles of a business owner who is experiencing a large volume of enquiries. Unfortunately, this one stars yours truly, and all I’ll say is that I really put my C in drama to good use here. Fortunately, it was shot and edited by our videographer Will, who has the uncanny skill of being able to polish a turd. 

Thanks to Matt, our dynamo of design, there is an animated video with somersaulting stickmen and exploding pies. There is a skit in a hardware store that tries (and indeed, fails) to evoke the humour of the Two Ronnies’ Four Candles sketch. There is a spaceman on the moon. 

I say ‘spaceman on the moon’ as if it’s a casual thing, when in reality Alex, our Content Producer, spent an ungodly amount of time crafting the visual effects of both the man and the moon. That video is so technically bombastic that it has been rendering for about three weeks now, and while working on it, Alex somehow reconciled Einstein’s Theory of Gravity with quantum mechanics, meaning we’ve managed to replicate the reduced gravity of the moon and hop around the office like a litter of deranged bunnies. 

Oh, and I almost forgot, there is a cartoon spider called Sam the Spider who is telling us all about his fabulous website, called the Web Site, which sells spider webs. If that doesn’t encourage you to check out our ‘All part of the package’ campaign, I don’t know what will.

I suppose this is all to say that we made some cool videos, and we’ve still got more to make, and we’re having a lot of fun doing it, and maybe it will turn out to be a mega successful marketing campaign that wins us loads of business to the point where we can give ourselves a good ol’ pat on the back. You never know, it could happen. 

But probably not. 

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