Monsters, Marketing, and a Merry Bloody Christmas!!

Written by Bloody Marketing


So that’s all life is to you? Marketing and money?”

It’s all it needs to be.”


As a general rule, these weekly emails are supposed to reference current events, which we then somehow link to marketing. But what’s happened this week that we can talk about? Omicron? Government parties? Same old shite, nothing we particularly want to talk about.

So instead, the theme of this week’s email is going to be Netflix’s The Witcher (no spoilers), because the second season just came out the other day, and it’s super great. For those of you not familiar with the show, it is basically about a mutated dude going around killing monsters and fishing for genies and talking to his horse. Sounds ridiculous, yes, but it makes damn more sense than anything happening in the real world right now. 

Season two of The Witcher has come at an interesting time: Christmas, and the end of the calendar year. Like most businesses, we’re getting ready to wrap up and have a bit of a rest. Naturally, this time of year calls for a dose of reflection – and of anticipation. This year’s been pretty good, but we can’t wait to come back and slap the s*** out of 2022. 

Which, hopefully, is where you come in. Fellow SME, we know what it’s like to be fighting the good fight in today’s economic climate. We’re all in the trenches here, surviving against all odds, hacking and slashing through the monstrous realities of the modern world. And you’ve made it through another year. No doubt you’ve managed to kick a number of asses in recent months, and for that, we salute you. 

The question is: to what extent has your marketing been helping you to kick ass? 

Nah, you’re right. It’s Christmas, the last thing you want to be doing is thinking about bloody marketing. All you have to do right now is enjoy a well deserved break.

But thinking ahead, if you want to charge into the new year with bulging muscles, mutagenic enhancements, and a bloody sharp sword, then keep us in mind. We’ll be ready.

Until then, a merry bloody Christmas to you and yours,

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