Starting a LinkedIn Newsletter

Written by Bloody Marketing


“Start a LinkedIn newsletter,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said.

This is our first week of LinkedIn newsletter-ing. I know we posted one last week, but that was taken from an email that was written before we knew we were doing a newsletter, so it doesn’t really count. 

So here we are, at the first issue, already and inexplicably sitting at a few hundred subscribers… 

Which means that this has already gotten out of hand. Dammit, people! What were you thinking, subscribing to ‘Another Bloody Newsletter!!’? Surely you must have had an inkling that no good would come of it? The clue was in the name, for crying out loud. Another Bloody Newsletter!! In other words, do yourself a favour and tell us to jog on!

But alas, you subscribed. Sure, you could just unsubscribe, but I’m afraid the train has already left the station. Now we’re flying headfirst through the over-saturated sh*t-storm of LinkedIn newsletters, battling winds stronger than Storm Franklin (see, topical), wondering where the hell we’re going to go.

If people are actually going to read this rubbish, does that mean we have to provide professional marketing insights? Offer expert advice? Encourage meaningful discussions??

Or do we just toss out empty platitudes and fire emojis and other kinds of motivational bollocks to appease LinkedIn’s algorithmic insanity?

I’m only half joking, because seriously, what is a LinkedIn newsletter? We tried reading Neil Patel’s article about them, but even the Lord of SEO himself couldn’t really get to the bottom of how, or why, they should be done.  

Unluckily for you, our readers, we’ve interpreted that as “do whatever the f*** you want.” Excellent advice as always, Neil.  

On that note, welcome to our newsletter. Most weeks we’re going to rely on some weird news or story or event that we can somehow spin to be vaguely related to marketing. Some weeks we will literally (figuratively) pull things out of our ass and toss them carelessly into your inbox. Other weeks will be so blatantly uninspired that, at the very least, you’ll be able to laugh at our shocking ineptitude. 

Just remember, whatever happens in the following weeks, months and years, you’ve only got yourself to blame. 

Bloody newsletters. Bloody marketing. 


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