Super Bowl Your Business!!

Written by Bloody Marketing


Super Bowl Sunday is when America is at its most, well, American

Sports! Beer! Celebrities! Chips! Parties! — but most of all… Commercials!! 

No joke. According to a Forbes survey, 22% of viewers watch the Super Bowl for the ads rather than for the game itself. That’s roughly 1 in 4 people who are willing to sit through the stop-start insanity of people running into each other just to partake in a night of good ol’ fashioned consumerism. 

Which makes pretty good sense, because while the players may be banned from taking steroids, the brands that opt into the night’s marketing shenanigans certainly are not.

This year we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger charging BMW EVs as Zeus, Zendaya selling Squarespace seashells on the seashore as Sally, and my personal favourite, Dr Evil plotting to save the world from climate change so he can then take over the world as the new CEO of General Motors. And Scott has a baby whom Dr Evil calls “Baby Me”. It’s basically Austin Powers 4! 

But I digress. The point is that brands go big for the Super Bowl Ads, and the result is often a memorable bit of marketing that is seen by hundreds of millions of people. 

What’s interesting though, is that despite the outrageous budgets of Super Bowl commercials, they’re fundamentally doing the same thing that we here at Bloody Marketing are doing: shouting about your business in ways that will be heard by as many people as possible. 

Albeit on a much smaller scale. Obviously, as a local marketing agency, we’re not going to be spending millions on ad spaces and hiring the world’s biggest celebrities. (Although we did once have TV’s fitness LEGEND Mr Motivator do voice overs for one of our clients. True story, nice guy.) 

But we are going to be injecting a lot of life into your brand, and putting your business in front of the people who need to see it. 

So in a way, we kind of go all American Super Ad Bowl on your brand. Just with more of the professional marketing and less of the, um… Americariness? 

You know what we mean. Anyway, have a great week!

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