The pros and cons of outsourcing your marketing

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I know what you’re thinking. As a company who offers an outsourced marketing solution writing a blog about the pros and cons of outsourcing your marketing, we’re probably going to go easy on the cons. 

Tempting as that may be, we do intend this blog to be both well-informed and well-balanced. Because if you’re here, it’s likely you’re a business owner currently deciding how best to approach your marketing strategy moving forward.

That’s a big decision to make, and one which we always respect. So to help you out, we’ve put together this (kind of) unbiased list of the pros and cons of outsourcing your marketing. Starting with the cons…

The cons of outsourcing your marketing

Relinquish control

When you outsource your marketing to a full-service agency, you’re pretty much passing on the batton. Your business will be at the mercy of marketing professionals who will naturally put their own creative spin on proceedings.

Now, that’s not to say that you won’t have a say – of course you will. But part of the beauty of outsourcing is that it’s out of your hands; you can leave it to the experts while you focus on your core business. But understandably, when you’ve already put so much work into your company, it can be difficult to let go.  

Long-term commitment

If you choose to outsource, be prepared to play the long game. While some early wins can be achieved, for the most part it takes time for a marketing strategy to take shape and deliver consistent results. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, n’ all that. 

They don’t work in your office

Your outsourced team won’t be working on your premises, meaning you can’t throw stuff at them when they aren’t working hard enough. You’ll probably just have to settle for a strongly worded email instead. Lame. 

On the other hand, you may see this as a positive. After all, who wants to listen to an SEO expert drivel on about keyword density, backlinks and domain authority? And you certainly don’t want to hear a copywriter moaning about having to write, say, a blog entitled ‘The pros and cons of outsourcing your marketing’. 

Take it from me, dear reader – digital marketers are the worst.  

Divided attention

Greedy so-and-so’s that they are, most marketing agencies work with more than one business at any given time. The nerve! 

With their time spent divided between clients, you may feel at times that you’re not the top priority. 

A simple solution to this is to agree on clear deadlines. That way, you don’t have to worry about how much time is being spent on your business, because as long as the deadlines are being met, it’s all gravy.

Now for the fun part. 

The pros of outsourcing your marketing

Gain a full team of specialists

If you choose your outsourced marketing team wisely, you’ll have access to an elite squadron of marketers with specialists in each discipline. 

Strategists, designers, copywriters, SEO experts, videographers… all brimming with skills and fresh ideas, all working together to deliver a coherent marketing strategy for your business.

Free up your time

As you may or may not have already discovered, marketing is a particularly needy little beast that demands a lot of attention, energy, and indeed, time.

Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to spend any of your time marketing. You could, for example, bake a cake, or travel to the Himalayas and meditate at the top of a mountain, or fix the bathroom shelf, or play pranks on your employees.

Or I suppose you could focus your time on your core business. In any case, when you outsource your marketing, you reclaim countless precious hours to spend however you see fit. 

It’s cost-effective

Granted, a typical outsourcing fee might sting a little. But remember, included in this fee is all the equipment, software, knowledge, experience and expertise necessary to deliver the results you need.

When you consider the sheer amount of firepower you get from an outsourced marketing team compared with hiring one or two marketing staff, it’s plain to see how much more bang you get for your buck. It’s an investment in your business, and a bloody smart one at that.

A fresh perspective

Picture your business as a snowy hill. Your ideas for marketing your business are sleds running down that hill. After a while, there will be grooves carved into the snow which will get deeper and deeper over time, and before you know it, you can no longer make it down the hill without slipping into one of those grooves, resulting in the same outcomes every time. 

An outsourced marketing service is a fresh coat of powder, on which the sleds can ride in new and exciting directions.  

So… should you outsource your marketing?

Speaking of exciting directions, it’s time to finally draw this blog to a close. Before I go, I’d just like to point out that I did in fact do an equal amount of pros and cons, making this blog perfectly balanced and totally unbiased. 

Until now.

Of COURSE you should outsource your marketing!! Duh!! What are you, crazy? You get, like, an ENTIRE marketing department for a FRACTION of the equivalent hassle and cost! 

Plus you get all the latest and greatest equipment and software, all included! Not to mention the time you get back to focus on your core business (or fix the bathroom shelf), as a team of marketing specialists goes to town on your business, offering a fresh perspective and using their elite skills to make your business sing, dance and grow like never before! 

Imagine NOT outsourcing? Sounds like absolute hell, if you ask me. Need I say anymore? Please no, I hear you cry. I’m not sure how this blog unravelled so quickly, it was quite professional at times, but now it’s just downright unhinged. I’m on a horse.  

Anyway… contact us?

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