The Rules of the Race

Written by Bloody Marketing


Imagine that you are in pole position, minutes from seeing the chequered flag and claiming the top prize. 

And then imagine that something way out of your control happens – call it a crash. Panic ensues, desperation takes hold, and the rules of the race are suddenly called into question.

Even though you’re ahead of the pack, so much so that you didn’t even see the crash, your pole position is compromised. All the decisions that you had made up to this point are now second guessed. Despite your dominance, the situation is no longer in your control. Confusion. Chaos. And suddenly, you’ve lost. 

Followers of F1 will know exactly what I’m talking about. If you couldn’t care less about F1, don’t worry. This email isn’t actually about that. It may have taken us four paragraphs to get here, but now I can talk about the true topic of this email: the rules of the SEO race. 

As you’re no doubt aware, the SEO race is basically about getting your business to the top of Google. Competition is fierce, and as a local SME, you have to scrap for every position, just like F1.

But unlike F1, the rules of the SEO race are fairly straightforward (and consistent). They simply require that you have a strong keyword infrastructure, and fast load speeds, and unique content, and a network of backlinks, and consistent URLs, and search-relevant H1 and H2 tags, and meta descriptions… 

… All of which must be optimised. Optimise, optimise, optimise (incidentally, Optimise is the third stage of our V-COP marketing formula). Easier said than done, of course. 

But if you play by Google’s rules, do things better than your competition, and optimise the crap out of your website, then you have every chance of winning. 

Once you’re in the lead, just keep driving. The chequered flag is yours to enjoy.

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