The Valley Of Death

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Written by Bloody Marketing


You’re about to experience a story about you. That’s right, we’ve written a story about your experiences. About you and your business, and about some of the struggles and tests you’ve met along the way. As with all good stories, let’s start at the beginning!


Remember when you were so good at what you did, all your friends and family told you that you should set up in business? You dreamed of how much more money you could earn (all for yourself). You dreamed of the security of making your own way. You dreamed of all the freedom! Then, something in life changed. Maybe you were made redundant or had some big change at work. Whatever it was, you bit the bullet and went into business for yourself. You invested in a new laptop, some business cards, you may have even bought a domain.

At first, it was great. All your friends and family came for “mate’s rates”. Things got exciting for about two months (or was it 2 weeks?). Before long, that promise of a tsunami of business turned into a dripping tap!

You came to a startling realisation. To make a success of your business, you were going to have to spend some time and money on “Sales & Marketing”. But let’s face it, nobody EVER woke up one morning and thought “Cold Calling, that’s what I really want to do today!”.

So instead you decide to go “Networking” – “it’s full of people all wanting to buy my services,” you thought…



…and that’s when you first entered the Valley of Death.


Networking was a brand new world, full of other business owners selling their services. The first person you met built websites. The Website Builder told you how their websites were exactly what you needed to get your name out there. Their website was going to skyrocket your business all the way to the moon! You’d have a brand new colour scheme and a monthly Google Analytics update.



You then met someone who did Social Media. The Social Media Expert told you that they would post content for you on a daily basis. That would DEFINITELY increase enquiries. You would get more customers. You’d have thousands of attentive followers. You’d have enquiries pouring in through every account you own!



You met Copywriters, Videographers, SEO Experts & Marketing Consultants. EACH ONE telling you that THEIR service was all you needed to get more customers. Some even said they know someone who might want your services (but of course, nobody ever actually followed through)…

You left confused, overwhelmed, and browbeaten. All the “Red Car” salesmen sat here telling you that THEIR service was the only thing you really needed…

Let’s take a little side step for a moment. “What? Red Car Salesman?? I want more customers, not a car!” 🚗

It’s an analogy, silly… Imagine you really need a Blue Car. You go into a showroom that only sells Red Cars. The salesperson is going to tell you that his Red Cars are what you really want, even though a blue one is what you really need. Get it?

Anyway, next you must have been standing near a bus stop as up pulls the “Business Coach” (see what I did there…). He tells you to follow his 6 point plan. Supposedly, your business will be back on track in no time at all! You book a few sessions. They tell you it’s not your business that’s the problem – it’s you! Great news however, they’re also a Lifestyle Coach as well…



Starting to recognise the Valley of Death?


This curving road passing through Networking Event after Networking Event. Each curve offering you a chance to solve your problems in a new way.

There’s something you never noticed down here in the Valley of Death. At every curve in the road, there were massive signs everywhere pointing to the “Sales & Marketing Super Highway”. Imagine a fast track, to take your business exactly where you always wanted it to go. Positioned right in the middle of the slip road was a toll booth. A frightening toll booth.



You were so frightened of the cost, you never even attempted to drive down this road. You knew, deep down, that all you had to do was pay the toll fee and your lack of customers problem would be taken care of by someone else. BUT the investment was probably too much…

INVESTMENT – the act of putting money into something to get a profitable return.

Struggling Businesses NEVER see spending their money on “Sales & Marketing” as an investment – only a cost. Want to know the first thing a Struggling Business does to turn itself into a Successful Business?

The first thing they do is work out how much of their turnover they can invest into “Sales & Marketing”. They are smart enough to know that the more they can invest, the more turnover and profit they will return.

INVESTMENT – they put money in to get more money back…

Beating this fear of investing in your business is the key thing stopping you from reaching your goals. It’s the thing stopping you from getting your business into the position it needs to be.

It’s been a long journey, but now you’re ready to leave the Valley of Death. We are the toll booth. Invest in us and we’ll guarantee you a return on your investment. We’ll leave you to get on with what you do best. What you got in the business to do in the first place – Simples!



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