Value Proposition, Dragon-Style

Written by Bloody Marketing


Did you hear about the Sea Dragon fossil that was discovered at Rutland the other day?

Basically, someone saw something odd-looking poking out of the mud, and it turned out to be the head of a 10-meter long, 250 million-year-old sea predator. Palaeontologists have now identified the beast as an ichthyosaur, but to heck with that impossible-to-pronounce name. It’s a Sea Dragon. 

“Cool but… isn’t this email supposed to be about marketing?”

Indeed it is. We started with the news story about the discovery, excavation, and preparation of a Sea Dragon because this email is ACTUALLY about the discovery, excavation, and preparation of your business’s value proposition

(Don’t worry, we’re not going to state outright that what we do is the marketing equivalent of palaeontology. That would be… weird. So instead, we’re just going to imply it.)

So then, value proposition. Something that EVERY business should have. In a nutshell, a value proposition involves establishing your target audience, highlighting the features and benefits of your offering, and hammering home the positive outcomes you can deliver to your customers. This lays the groundwork for all the marketing that comes after.

As important as a value proposition is, it’s something that most SMEs don’t think about. Right now, your value proposition may be like an odd little head poking out of the mud. The rest of it exists, wings and all, but it’s buried beneath a pile of nonsense, so it needs to be carefully teased out. 

That’s where we come in. We have a big meeting with you to unearth your value proposition. We dig around, learning about all the great features of your business, brushing away the dust and dirt that was previously in the way. Then we prepare your value proposition document, and you get to read about just how GREAT your business is, in ways that you probably never even considered before.

And then your value proposition gets to take flight. With an almighty roar, we communicate your value proposition across all marketing channels. The earth will shake and the sky will dance in the colours of fire as you… 

Ok, it won’t be quite so dramatic. But it will still be awesome. This is local marketing, dragon-style.

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