Value Proposition – Finding the Holy Grail of Business

Written by Bloody Marketing



Before you cross the Bridge of Death you must answer me these questions three…  

Ask us the questions, Bridge Keeper. We are not afraid. 

WHAT… is your name 

 Our name is Bloody Marketing!! of Nottingham.  

WHAT… is your quest? 

To seek the Holy Grail of business, and turn those bloody marketing problems into bloody good results. 


Err… We’re good at what we do??

Right! Off you go. 🙂  


If only it were as simple as that! The first step towards crossing the Bridge of Death, and claiming the Holy Grail of business, is establishing your value proposition (VP).  


But what is a value proposition? 

What a splendid question! And the answer is simple. A value proposition tells your prospects why they should do business with you rather than your competitors. It lays out, in the simplest terms, how you can solve their problems and bring value to their lives. 

It’s a no-brainer, right? Every company should have their VP written in stone, right from the off. And yet… 


So many businesses neglect it! 

Rather than first laying a stable foundation on which to build their marketing, they plough ahead with the empty glamour of quick-fire promotions. They will pour money into ad words, concoct meaningless slogans, and distribute superficial chunks of content into the gaping void of the internet. Before long, their bottom-line takes a nasty hit. 

‘Tis but a scratch! They’ll declare. Have at you! They carry on hacking and slashing, hoping against hope for a turn in fortune.  

But the value of their brand has already been buried beneath a pile of nonsense. Prospects are looking elsewhere, customers are losing faith, profits are bleeding. ‘Tis just a flesh wound! 

Cursed is the company that continues down this path. They are fighting with their arms tied behind their back – or chopped off entirely. It’s only a matter of time before they lose their legs, too. 

Bravely though they fought, they are finally bested.   

But fear not, O’ Potential Client. Victory can still be claimed! 


Finding your value proposition 

You are now the champion that seeketh a value proposition, and subsequently, the Holy Grail of business. 

Many perils you have faced thus far. What remains? A fire-flinging enchanter called Tim? The knights who say ‘Ni’? An animated cave monster? A killer bunny?? 

No, brave hero. The absurd and excessive movie references can finally end there. Because all you have to do now is find the right agency. One that can, once and for all, fix your BLOODY MARKETING!! 

And, by George, you’ve already found it. 


We’ll take it from here 

Here at Bloody Marketing!!, we use a little old formula called V-COP™. What does the V stand for? 

You guessed it. 

Establishing your Value proposition is the first thing we do – because it’s so bloody important! It is the key ingredient, the concrete foundation, the golden ticket. Together, we will unearth the treasure that lies at the heart of your business, and reveal the gold that glitters brighter than the rest. Once we’ve established exactly what it is that you have to offer, we can start spreading the word (Communication, Optimisation, and Promotion).  

The V-COP™ formula is essentially a repetition of success. It is a proven technique that’s been developed over many years spent in the marketing realm. 

And it’s how you’ll find your own Holy Grail of business.  

Venture forth, and let’s find your value proposition, lest ye be cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril!  

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