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It can be an effort to connect prospects who are stuck in the middle of your sales funnel. Even though your email nurture campaigns are firing on all cylinders, they might be hesitant if your company is the right choice for them. Even worse, they might be sold on your type of product but are still shopping around for your rivals, trying to find the ideal match for their business.  To counter this, you can rely on your customers’ successes and strengthen their voices through video testimonials. These testimonials are important forms of social proof that will nudge prospects towards conversion.

In a video testimonial, your customer can quickly give details on your product, provide an applicable use case, and share how it has completely impacted their company. 

This article will examine everything you need to know about video testimonials, as well as how you can use them to boost trust and revenue for your company. Video testimonials are extraordinary because they involve a real person sharing a pain point and forming an emotional association with a potential customer.

Power in Marketing Strategies

B2B companies are making more video content in order to efficiently connect with prospects and share their product’s use cases, reviews, and successes with the world. In fact, most B2B businesses selected video as the chief form of media within their content plan.

Video testimonials are an important component of any B2B video marketing strategy. They resonate with opportunities in ways that product demo videos don’t.  Additionally, they showcase the real-life purpose of the product, paired with an endorsement from an existing contented customer. 

The most excellent part is that video testimonials are shot in the customer’s own voice. This is a key factor in sorting out this type of marketing asset from others. Video testimonials provide an exceptional view into the product’s validity from customers who are already using it. 

Video testimonials composition

Video testimonials have three distinctive parts. To make a useful video testimonial, you need to guide your customer to:

  • Draw round the problem.
  • Emphasise the product as the solution.
  • Convey the results.

It’s that simple! 

First, the customer should communicate the problem that they faced when they recognise they initially needed your product. Then, they can convey what the solution was and how it has helped their business. Finally, they should emphasise the outcomes that resulted from implementing your product into their business operations.By taking those three steps, you fulfil the story arc and will have a succinct, engaging video testimonial.

Let’s take a look at some of the key rationale why this is so effective that B2B companies are growing their video testimonial production.

Why are video testimonials efficient?

Are you struggling to relay how your product is different from other products on the market?

Prospects are attacked with similar messaging campaigns from every company in your industry. The obstacle for businesses is to set their company apart from the rest—but how?

The easiest and most helpful way to engage and capture the attention of prospects is through storytelling. Video testimonials are an effective vehicle to communicate a story about your product and how it assists a specific company in their time of need. Those browsing a site may chance upon a video testimonial that features someone in the same industry who is encountering the same problem.

Unlocking Customer Stories

Customer stories provide real-life difficulties that were solved by the company. These serve to make the pain and gain real value to your prospects while also discussing your product. Potential customers are seeking this information and can relate to it. However, it’s not just the information that they crave. It’s the method that it’s presented in as well.  Consumers are looking to observe more B2B video content. More than 37% of viewers will watch a video all the way until its end.

Additionally, video testimonials are easy to share with high-level executives who want a quick picture of the product and how it will affect their company. Approximately 59% of executives favour watching videos over reading text when it comes to media consumption.

Tips for winning video testimonials

  • Tell a story: Like a case study, your client should talk about a specific occurrence or case when your product drove worth for their business. Thorough video testimonials can offer more context to potential customers who still need to be nudged towards conversion. With more details incorporated in the video testimonial, the story will be more relevant and applicable.
  • Use proven data. Persuade your clients to share how your product affected their company by using specific numbers such as engagements, conversions, or total sales. Prospects will be interested to learn that purchasing your product was a helpful investment for other companies. By presenting a positive ROI, they might be leaning to purchase. Data and numbers make the video testimonial more transformative. Use them to get your story to attach in your prospects’ minds.
  • Film from several angles: Film your video testimonial from numerous angles to showcase your client’s message and business in a lively way. This will make your video more attractive and keep the viewer fascinated. You can also edit the video so that the client is still talking while graphs or time-lapses show. The various camera angles and quick cuts make this video appealing to the viewer. This can help augment the total time that the viewer watches.

Video testimonials are valuable and essential marketing assets for any B2B business. Marketers use them to connect prospective customers who are in the middle or at the bottom of their sales funnel. 

An outstanding video testimonial can compel conversions and sales for your business.

By distributing them on your website and sharing them with prospects on social media and in emails, you can increase your customers’ success with your product.

Reach out to Bloody Marketing to learn how you can enlist our experts to begin production on your collection of effective video testimonials today.


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