From MEGA Beasts to MEGA Bundles!!

Written by Bloody Marketing


The last time we were here in your inbox, we were rambling on about Sea Dragons, or something.

Sorry about that. 

But we were also talking about Value Propositions, and despite all that nonsense about palaeontology, the email led to a few of you making an enquiry. You people are nuts!

Turns out there are plenty of businesses who are interested in getting a big meaty Value Proposition, even if they’re not quite ready for the full Bloody Marketing package. And we are more than happy to oblige.

Only, it’s not really in our nature to just do you a Value Proposition and then leave you high and dry. You’d have all these wonderful words about your business, but without any follow-up marketing, they probably wouldn’t live up to their full potential. And that’s criminal, because we have so much more to offer you.


We’re also aware that there are many SMEs who perhaps aren’t too fussed about ongoing, full-stack marketing, but do still want a piece of the action. Not all of the bloody marketing, but some of the bloody marketing. Not the boring bits, but the ‘holy sh*t yes get me some of that!’ bits. Which is why, for the past few months, we’ve been working on something a bit special.   

So long story short, as of today, we’re now selling a content pack. A one-off power play, granting a glorious injection of Bloody Marketing-style super-dupery all up in your business, juicing it up like an atomic metallic hydrogen rocket, blasting you to Mars and back in a competition-busting blaze of glory.

The pack of course includes a full Value Proposition session and blueprint, along with some creative articles from the lunatic responsible for these emails, some premium video content from Dan the Man, and a bunch of other cool stuff to get your name and your message out there. We’re calling it the Bloody Marketing Mega Bundle, and you can learn all about it here:

Oh, and we’re launching this with a 50% discount for this month only, because ‘f*** it, it’s January’.

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